Living in Spain and bringing up a Spanglish family during the current 'crisis' and trying various ways to make some 'dinero'. Enjoying life in the sun, crafting and blogging as much as possible.

About Me

I have been making and selling crafts since 1988 when I set up 'Stable Crafts' in Lincolnshire with my Mum. In those days I made "Fimo" jewellery and painted glass bottles. Later, I studied Graphic Art and Interior Design and continued to make and sell my crafts to family and friends. I supplied our local "Hedgehog Hospital" with my tiny "Fimo" hedgehog earrings and brooches which they sold in their gift shop. In 1990 I began selling my crafts in Abbeygate shopping arcade, an exclusive arcade near to where I lived.

During the 90's I took part in various Craft Fairs throughout Lincolnshire including the famous Alford craft market where all crafts had to be approved by a select committee before you were able to sell. I even travelled as far as Pickets' Lock, in North London.
In 1998 I moved to Cornwall and met up with many magical, unusual and extremely interesting folk who really gave me inspiration.

I moved to Spain in 2004 to live in a cave house! I set up my craft website and opened an ebay shop as I needed a way to make an income. I decided to change from the name 'Stable Crafts' to 'Dengra Designs' as "Dengra" is my Spanish husband´s name. I spent 9 lovely years living in the cave but in the beginning of 2014 I moved to the coast with my husband and little boy to start a new adventure. We are now living in a beautiful village in Almeria. I have more opportunities here with local shops and craft markets plus we get to go to the beach every day - and I really missed the sea living inland!

Currently, my days are spent making up orders or thinking up new designs to sell to both locals and people worldwide. I am happy to receive any enquiries and endeavour to reply to all emails within 24 hours. Depending upon work required, most orders are made and shipped within 48 hours... favour orders may take longer.
I hope you enjoy looking through my shop and always welcome any feedback or suggestions. Email me

My Achievements

I designed the logo for my local primary school in 1990!

To this day the children still wear the emblem on their uniforms.

The Emblem I designed! (it was in a competition and my design was the winning one)


A silversmithing and Jewellery making course I attended at the sixth form college in Scarborough


When I can I like to make a small amount of items for friends to sell to help them with fundraising for various charities or disasters.
It all started when I made 'horse' themed items to help raise funds to build new stables for a groups of horses (their stables had collapse with severe weather conditions.)
Below are a list of other charities/causes I have helped

Ella's Journey to Raise Awareness

I donated some wish strings and 'Name the Teddy' namecards to help Rachel Claxton raise more awareness of the cooling treatment her little girl (Ella) had when she was born and hopefully they will be able to donate some money to The Rosie Hospital towards there 7 million target for a new extension and equipment which will include 2 new cooling sets.

Read their journey here

The Royal British Legion

I have donated some fundraising scratch cards to the Baza branch of the Royal British Legion


I donated some angel wish bracelets to a friend in a neighbouring village who intends to run the London marathon in 2011 - all his funds raised will be going to 'SPARKS' Charity.

Bears of Comfort

I am helping 'Bears of Comfort' with their fundraising. Bears of Comfort are a non profit making business helping families who have suffered miscarriages. They supply personalised 'Bears of Comfort' for a lasting memory.

Roma a Ronda

I donated some wish strings in Spanish and English to Andy who is walking from Rome to Ronda in order to raise funds to set up his new foundation to help families with sick children in Spain 'Fundación Fabrica de Sueños'.

Post Pals

Some of my 'Tinkerbell' style wish strings have been donated to 'Post Pals' a charity helping sick boys and girls.

El Capricho

I have just made some scratch name cards and jewellery to help El Capricho in a nearby town.

The Association for the Protection of Animals, ‘El Capricho’ was established with the intention of uniting people who are concerned about animals in the northern region of the Granada province.

One of the main purposes of our association is to awaken the dormant animal consciousness in our people, who currently only see animals as a source of livelihood.

A person concerned with animal care is almost always focussed on short term objectives, offering urgent aid with specific cases of neglect or ill treatment. However, added to this spirit of preoccupation and emergency care, we must focus on the longer-term goals of educating our children to live harmoniously within their environment and to respect all living beings.

We must lead by example; we should endeavour to correct our own ingrained behaviour, as we set the benchmark for our children.

With this in mind our focus is in education, awareness, building a shelter for abandoned animals, and the development of legislation which will embody an increased awareness for animal welfare.

There is much to be done and we all play a vital part, so we ask you to lend your support on behalf of those who have no voice to ask.

Orlando Bully Rescue

I have sent some 'wish strings' to help them raise funds for their 'Bullys'

Orlando Bully Rescue (formally known as Another Chance Rescue) started when a group of caring individuals trying to save those without voices. We partnered with rescues throughout Florida. We partner with other rescues and bully breed advocate’s with regards to transporting, cross posting, networking and building relationships. We love to do community outreach to edcuate individuals on how great b...ullies are!

Orlando Bully Rescue is a non-profit, 5013C organization dedicated to giving unwanted or displaced bullies the second chance chance they deserve by being their voice, so they can have a new beginning at life. We are limited in what we can do by the number of foster homes, volunteers and donations that we have available to us, so please consider applying to foster or volunteer in any way you can. We serve the Central Florida area but will try to accommodate out of state adoptions when possible. We rely solely on the donations of private individuals and adopters to be able to continue our rescue work. Your donation helps to defer the cost of rescuing, vetting

and rehoming pets in need

Help My Daddy

I have sent some 'wish strings' to help raise funds for 'Help my Daddy'.
On Thursday 9th February we are holding a fundraising event for
Harry and Charlie Wright (ages 6 & 4 years) of Laceby and their family.

Their Daddy is critically ill in hospital in Manchester and the whole family is going through a terrible time at the moment.

... We have various stalls including a raffle and auction at the event with a fantastic star prize being a week’s stay for 2 at Cueva Pedro Bed and Breakfast in Granada, Spain.

Please join us at the event on:
Thursday 9th February at 3.30pm at Stanford School Hall, Laceby.

We hope you can help put a little smile back on their faces.
Thank you very much.

Chow Chow Rescue CNY

More doggy themed wish strings are on their way to Chow Rescue CNY

The Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York is a Volunteer Rescue Group, Cindy Stone, started in January 2001 that is dedicated to finding good homes for purebred Chow Chows. Cindy started this rescue out of the love for this breed. She started this rescue on her own and it has grown over the years. Cindy owns her own grooming shop in Cicero, NY and shows her personal Chow Chows at many events including the Westminister Dog Shows. She has won several titles including Best of Breed.

The Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York is not a shelter. It is solely based on help from our volunteers and foster homes. The Chow Rescue never places a dog with a bite history or one that shows any kind of aggression. We get calls every day for Chows in need of help. Unfortunately, we can not save them all but do our best to save as many as we can. The look on their face when one gets adopted is as good as gold to us. This is who Chow Chow Rescue is and why Cindy started this rescue.

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