Living in Spain and bringing up a Spanglish family during the current 'crisis' and trying various ways to make some 'dinero'. Enjoying life in the sun, crafting and blogging as much as possible.

29 Feb 2016

Miniature Pebble Art in a tiny Box

Most of us all send a greetings card some point in the year. I am always trying to find one that is slightly different to the usual hundreds of designs you can search through in the store. So I decided to make my pebble art smaller and put it inside a strong kraft box with a greeting on the front. These can be kept forever rather than binned after a couple of weeks - therefore they make a gift and a greeting all in one. I am still working on new designs but I have a few to choose from already on etsy - click here

A little sneak peek of some of the designs I have done so far....

13 Feb 2016

Bianca del Rio hand fan 40th birthday roast

Remember some time ago I mantioned painting a hand fan for Bianca del Rio? 
I just found out she used it for her 40th birthday roast last year.