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8 Aug 2015

Diamonds Unleashed by Kara Ross Hand Fan for New York Fashion Week Sept 2015

It isn't every day you get asked to design something for someone who is very well known in the fashion industry. Kara Ross, NY (famous for her jewelry designs) got in touch this week to see if I could design a hand fan for models to use at New York fashion week Sept 2015. It was to feature the logo for their new business launching this season.

Post Scriptum (20th Aug 2015) Unfortunately they never went ahead with my design but I am still very very happy that they approached me in the first place.

Diamonds Unleashed is a modern day powerful Women's Movement. We're looking to shift the symbolism of a diamond to go from symbolizing marriage and engagement to symbolizing women's strength, independence, and solidarity. This movement combines Philanthropy partners, Product partners, Retail/Corporate partners, & Celebrity/Media partners- a social media campaign and salon series events in the 7 major US markets. It is all anchored with a super strong, clear and compelling message.

The whole program started with Kara resetting her own diamond. She designed a very unusual setting and wears it on her right hand.
The process got her thinking about diamonds; how people perceive them, how we are given them, and the symbol that they have become. It's such an outdated and antiquated notion that women should have to WAIT to be given a diamond. It's sexist and if you take it a step further - the significance of the diamond becomes almost about possession. It is the only commodity today that there is a stigma attached to a woman buying it for herself.

The diamond should symbolize women's strength, independence, and solidarity. All of the adjectives that describe a diamond are PERFECT as well when describing women: multi faceted, brilliant, strong, unbreakable, etc. We are trying to have women everywhere feel a part of this movement. It is imperative to try and help those women in need. This is an INCLUSIVE movement, not only for those more fortunate. With the huge mission of philanthropy in this movement we are looking to empower women through education and employment, hence working with the 3 charities we have chosen (Girls Who Code, She’s The First, and Step Up). There are many moving pieces to Diamonds Unleashed which make it a VERY powerful, compelling, well-thought out and modern movement.


  1. Fantastic! I came across this as part of my research for a piece about Reena Ahluwalia's paintings of the DU logo in the Art Miami show.

    1. Thanks for your comment Gretchen - unfortunately they never went ahead with my design. (I should really update this post)