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1 Sep 2014

The Roaming Stones

I have been thinking of ways to promote my website but in a different way and I came up with the idea of 'The Roaming Stones'
I spend many hours on the beaches looking for shells, sea glass and pottery and I have decided to leave little painted stones as a 'thank you' to the beach for the goodies I find! These stones are then there for someone else to find and take home - a little keepsake for them and it also has my website on so also a little bit of harmless self promotion.
The idea has been rumbling around in my head for some time now and I have waited until after the busy summer before I start to 'plant' the stones in their new locations!

I got the inspiration for this idea from a number of sources:

BEN WILSON  who paints images on the pavement on chewing gum that has been dropped and littering the pavements.

A RANDOM MANDALA that I found on a visit to a remote beach

FREE HEART FRIDAY on facebook. I have been a liker of this page for some time now and I loved the idea of randomly leaving the hearts for people to stumble across! what a fabulous idea of giving something back to people and how exciting it would be to find one of these hearts!

YARN BOMBING I have been reading this blog by Lucy at Attic24 for a few years now and I loved the idea of the yarnbombing......injecting a bit of color into everyday items such as crocheted flowers in trees or covering a phonebox. Sitting back and seeing your work and also seeing the expressions on peoples faces when they too discover your work

POPPIES ON NORMANDY BEACHES Pebbles with poppies painted on are seen on the beach of Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer each poppy painted by students represents a soldier killed there during World War II.

So there you have it - how my mind works from the inspiration of others. So 'The Roaming Stones' has been born!......check out the facebook page where I will be photographing each stone and including a photo of their location! Each stone will be numbered and then I can track which ones are found (and who gets in touch!) - I also have friends leaving them on beaches all over the world for me! so look well might find one one day.......


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