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16 Jul 2014

Bar Castillejar, Louth - Hand Fans

There is an interested coincidence with this hand fan I was asked to make. Firstly it was for a tapas bar in Louth, Lincolnshire - where I grew up went to school. But the biggest coincidence was that the bar was being called 'Bar Castillejar' which happened to be named after the tiny village I had lived in for the past 9 years in Spain. Apparently the owner of the bar has a property in Castillejar although we never met or knew each other! We have a few friends in common and one of my friends from Scotland that came to live in Castillejar ended up moving back to UK, to Louth infact, and it was her that asked me to make the fans.

I still have a lot of friends in Louth and many of them have visted my place in Castillejar! One of them sent me a photo of my fans on the wall and it was then I realised there was another strange coincidence.......the photos you see in the alcoves there were actually taken by my Spanish brother-in-law and he too had no idea of my connection with the town!

The photo below is of my Dad stood outside the bar - he was born in Louth and lived there many years.

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