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17 Jul 2014

Bulk Orders - Wedding Hand Fans

Uusually towards the beginning of the year I am busy with wedding orders (I can make wedding orders any time of the year though!). I had a few big orders this spring and I am looking forward to seeing the fans in use as most of my clients send me photos of the big day and the fans so I can see how my work in action!

The hardest part for me is finding somewhere for them all to dry! I was okay when I used to used my Mother-in-law's garage but now that we have moved I either use the spare bedroom or the roof terrace.

Hand fans 'drying' for a wedding in France last year - these are on the freezer in my Mother-in-laws garage

Hand fans for a wedding in Spain last month - drying on the spare bed!

Hand fans for a wedding this coming August in Hawaii (wish I was going!) these are drying on the roof terrace

I had 22 of these to paint but it was more like 44 as I had to paint both sides.....these Great Gatsby style hand fans went to America for a wedding with an art deco theme (last month)

These rhinestones were all individually glued on the front and back grip of 22 fans!

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