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1 Sep 2013

Uses of the Hand Fan


Hot summer temperature conditions make us overheat and produce abundant sweat. It is normal, natural and we cannot cool without it. When the heat is high and our body is producing excessive sweat, working hard to cool, the classic hand fan could be a close friend. A real hand held fan, waved back and forth creates a wind chill effect, making it easier for the air to evaporate the sweat droplets from the skin. Working directly on the body, the breeze created by the fan not only speeds the evaporation of perspiration, but also makes the body's natural cooling system more efficient.

Hand held fans have also proved beneficial to women during labour. By getting their partners to fan them, the women feel cooler and their partners feel useful! Many women would not be without a fan during the menopause. Whatever you may call them - hot sweats, hot flashes, hot flushes, internal fires or even "tropical moments" - these symptoms can be quite debilitating. We have also heard of patients undergoing chemotherapy benefiting from a hand held fan and, of course, they are ideal to use as a cooling agent when youngsters are ill with high temperatures.

So, convenient to carry around and a truly hand-friendly exercise, fans are a good answer in lots of situations!