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1 Apr 2013

Fantique Boutique New York

Dengra Designs is happy to announce that we are now a designer supply of handpainted and customized fans to 'Fantique Boutique' in New York.........launching this summer.....

Fantique Collections
The Launching of Fantique
For centuries, fans have been an integral part of women’s fashion. The unique designs and charismatic appeal of this ancient, yet thoroughly modern fashion accompaniment, has been an alluring object d‘art for women throughout millennia. Aside from their function, these ornaments of style held ceremonial as well as social significance, acting as artistic representations of a society’s culture, history and its status among the women of the respected era.
Cheryl Silverman, a fan collector and lover of the decorative arts, has created a new business, Fantique—a fan boutique, which will be selling a diverse collection of fans from talented and artistic fan makers around the world. This array of fashionable, yet functional art, will be known as, “Fantique Collections.” Some will be mass produced, some customized and handmade. The business is to be launched online during the summer of 2013, with its base of operations centered in New York City.
Fantique’s objective is to revitalize the fan for women throughout the United States as not only an accoutrement of utility, but as a viable and versatile accessory of style in the contemporary fashion marketplace.
Cheryl Silverman
1623 Third Avenue, # 13 BW,
New York, NY 10128
Tel: (212) 348-3639/Cell: (917) 371-4434

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