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23 Feb 2013

Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia - New York City Center (March 6 - 9 2013)

 Production Image
New York City Center & Flamenco Festival Present

Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía

"Appealingly youthful and energetic."
- The New York Times

"You will remember it"
- El País, Spain

Directed by Rubén Olmo
Rocío Molina
Pastora Galván

Spain’s renowned repertory company, directed by contemporary flamenco star Ruben Olmo, presents Metafora, a program that will transport audiences to the emotion, drama and passion of Andalucía, the cradle of flamenco. Nineteen performers will take the stage in a program featuring castanets, fans, traditional flamenco “bata de cola” dresses and effervescent heel-and-toe step combinations, along with the power of “escuela Bolera” and the demanding technique and jaw-dropping athleticism of Spanish dance.

Celebrities with Hand Fans

Yes 2013 is going to be a good year for the fan fashion are some celebrities with hand fans.....


13 Feb 2013

Celebrities with Pink Hair

Once upon a time.......many years ago, I actually had pink hair!!!! And I still love pink hair. I was really happy when Christina Aguilera was seen on The Voice at the end of 2012 with pink hair......and one of my pink and white striped fans!!!

Kate Dengra

Dame Helen Mirren caused a stir the other night when she was seen with pink hair (which looked amazing I thought. Since then I was looking on the internet to see exactly how many celebs are sporting pink hair right now!!!!......

(source for this article)

Brightly colored hair is increasingly popular amongst celebs and the current vogue is for candy colors and pastel shades. Pretty, soft and girly, pink hair is the choice of some of the most beautiful women in the spotlight. Take a look at our top pink hair hotties:


Pink with blonde and pink hair
Surely pop punk P!nk is the queen of pink hair. She made this look famous with her cropped candyfloss hair way back in the year 2000 and even took her name from her favorite shade.
P!nk inspired us to try new ideas and push the boundaries of hair color, and although she occasionally flirts with white blonde, in our minds she will always be the original pink lady, loved by millions for her spunk and gritty style confidence.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga with bright pink hair
We’ve seen Lady Gaga with hair of every color of the rainbow but when she wears it pink it’s by far our pick of the bunch.
Pastel colors are Lady G’s signature hair look (well for this week at least!), along with baby pink hair extensions and panels of candy pink mixed with her long blonde waves, she’s also been spotted channelling a full color barbie pink bob. Truly the messiah of reinvention, we can’t wait to see her next look – perhaps a work of pink hair art?

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj with pink hair
Nicki’s effervescent style always keeps us guessing. Bursting onto the scene with a bright pink hair do and a fashion forward look that embraced everything pink, including mixing and matching pink shoes, clothes and accessories, its no surprise that Nicki is now synonymous with the color.
She has worn her pink hair in a multitude of different lengths and styles making her hair as groundbreaking as her music.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Pink Hair
Katy Perry says her style influences are vintage 50’s clothes, attention to detail and bright colors, and we can see what she means!
After the release of her latest album, Katy became a candy cane beauty, wearing both purple and pink hair colors that wowed us all. Katy’s shade of pink is sweet and sugary, although she went through several hair color stages to get there. A natural brunette, Katy’s curls went from blue to purple to white and finally to a pale pink tint.

Audrey Kitching

Audrey Kitching pink hair
Philly born Audrey is as well known for her fashion disasters as she is for her signature pink mane.
Audrey’s a bohemian baby born in the wrong decade – she adores 70’s inspired fashion and her tie-dye style extends to her hair as well as a wardrobe, notably when she sported multi colored highlights in her blonde hair. But Audrey is most famous for her bright pink hair and wears it as an all over color – as edgy and individual as she is.

Chritina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera and Max

Dame Helen Mirren