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10 Jan 2013

Pebble Painter

A very talented friend transforms simple rocks and stones into amazing must check out her website

Painting Pet Portraits On Canvas, Slate, Rocks & Stones- Hand Painted Garden Art, Flowers, Butterflies, Scenery, Wildlife, Messages & More- All Hand Painted On Rocks!
All Rocks Are Sealed With Layers Of Weatherproof Varnish & Can Be Displayed Outside.
Acrylic Paintings On Canvas Also Available As Well As A Range Of Hand Painted Miniature Stone Cottages For Your Garden.

About the Painter

I started painting rocks about two years ago. I trained at the school of trial and error but I really enjoyed the simplicity of this artform.
All I needed was a rock & some acrylic paints!  I am not the most patient person and so quick drying acrylics were ideal for me.

It was when I was painting my very first rock,  I soon realised that the possibilities were endless and I couldnt wait do do another! Thats when it started....

I was then painting rocks in every spare minute. Learning and improving all the time yet enjoying each painting as much as the last.  I read books by other artists and was truly inspired.

I use ordinary river rocks that I find, or that I get them from a local garden centre.  I love that every rock is unique (some are already too beautiful to paint)

I now find myself scanning for rocks wherever I go, my friends, family and even my dog often bring me rocks they have found- this always makes my day - I am so easily pleased!

My 'very' understanding and supportive partner provided me with this 'den' in the back garden to paint from-!  I am so lucky- it is crammed with paints & rocks- I am suprised it hasn't sunk under the weight!

............After putting a few pictures of my painted rocks & pebbles online,
I started to get asked to paint rocks for other people. Wow! I was really flattered!

'Many thanks' to everyone who has encouraged me to take my hobby further- I LOVE it!
Painting rocks is my passion and it is very warming to have people appreciate your work. I get so absorbed in my paintings that I get quite attached to each rock and the pet that is painted on it!

Please contact me by email if I you would like me to paint for you
thankyou  -
Have a great day!
Love Shelly x

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