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31 Jan 2013

New Fans by Kate Dengra in Production

I have been waiting for the terrible weather to brighten up and the sun to come out so I could get outside and start spraying and painting my fans. Today was 21º and no strong winds so out I got on the patio (with my little dog Hobo not far from my side). I feel today has been productive - I managed to get 4 sprayed and painted.

One fan being sprayed (Hobo in the background)

I have created a little photo album on facebook that shows my work in progress - I did this mainly since Tophatter removed a necklace I had on one of their 'handmade' auction sites as they said it 'wasnt handmade'. This really annoyed me that they could make this decision when they haven't seen the IT WAS HANDMADE by myself.......grrrrr......this isnt the first time Tophatter have removed my items so I sent them an angry email and cancelled my account - I will sell on Etsy only from now on! Anyway back to the album! - here it is (so far I have photos of my ceramics class and painting class, my fans in progress and also my Mum painting her fans)

Here are the four just after their 'spray' and drying in the sun. Since this photo was taken I have cut out pieces and painted them and they will be on Etsy tomorrow

You might have seen the one on the bottom right before - yes it is like one of the ones that Christina Aguilera bought from my Etsy store (well her fashion stylist did!)

Xtina Aguilera with her Dengra Designs fan

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