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14 Jan 2013

Delicious Crochet

Attic 24

Last year I absolutely fell in love with crochet. I had some lessons in the summer but I am still yet to be any good at it - although most people say it is easy.

Attic 24

I discovered the blog 'Attic 24' and I just love the colours that Lucy uses in her designs - I would love to go to her house and have a look at all the things she has made.

Dellicious Crochet

Yesterday I also discovered another fabulous page about crochet on facebook. Using crochet to cover chairs and other every day object - simply fabulous

Dellicious Crochet

  1. Photo: Lucy over at Attic24 is going to be working her hooky magic on some chairs for The Lounge at Yarndale....this beauty was made by Dellicious Crochet, oooooooo yes, we are feeling InSpIrEd!!!!
    Dellicious Crochet

    YARNDALE - a fabulous event this year 2013 - I will write more about this on my blog later but in the meantime join their facebook page

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