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31 Jan 2013

Andalucia - Keeping It's Culture Alive

One thing about Andalucia that I am really passionate about is keeping the traditions and culture alive. Unfortunately with new technology and different education there is a danger that cuture and tradition will disappear with the younger generation.

When my father in law was alive he took me to the mountains to look for mushrooms and truffles then into the fields to find asparagus and capers. I am sad that he is no longer with us to pass on all his knowledge - he was fabulous at weaving the esparto grass into shoes, baskets and other useful objects and I am afraid I never got to learn that from him.

But I do still have 'in-laws' that can pass down some traditions. My Mother in law is going to teach me how to make chorizo, morcilla (black pudding) and other types of cured meats and my 'Nan in law' is keen to teach me how to make goats cheese. Also we have many 'old' recipe books and my husband is keen to keep cooking old dishes such as gachas and migas - dishes that maybe his Nan would have made but maybe the restaurants etc no longer make. Other traditions such as fiestas I beleive need to be embraced with Ali and this weekend we have a mini fiesta in our village and on 3rd is a National fiesta (which I will write about in a bit more detail later). One of the traditions this weekend is to light bonfires and have grilled meats and sausages - Ramon and I are going to do something similar this weekend for the little monster.

Anyway the main reason I have written this is because I found a new blog/website on the internet yesterday written by a Spanish couple whom have a similar passion to myself. It is all about Andalucia and its culture and traditions and I think it will be a fab blog to keep reading/watching and maybe even contributing to.

ArteOlé is the name of this website and you can find it here.....and it is in English too - click (I am sure it wont be the last time I blog about this website so I will create a little label for it so you can follow my blogs about it.

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