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25 Sep 2012

Dream Googling

Yes this is a very strange subject to write about on a blog! BUT for years and years now I have had strange and vivid dreams. I used to keep a dream diary when I was younger although I destroyed it thinking people might lock me up with the wierd dreams I had - I swear a dream psychologist would quit after meeting me. I often wonder if there are hidden messages in dreams that you need to listen to.
Anyway just recently I decided that maybe I should remember some of the 'keywords' or details of the dream and then Google these words and see what the search brought up.
Anyway I am slightly more scared now after last night's dream brought this up on the search!

Now although this scary looking skeleton didn't feature in my dream - I do have many dreams about people with long arms attacking I am totally freaked out the subliminally this is what my dream 'googled'!

I will try and google more dreams in the this space!

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