Living in Spain and bringing up a Spanglish family during the current 'crisis' and trying various ways to make some 'dinero'. Enjoying life in the sun, crafting and blogging as much as possible.

25 Aug 2012

TopHatter Bad Week!

It has been a bad couple of weeks for me on Tophatter. Once I was the only one selling 'lots' of charms and now there are so many (and as it is mainly US based I get undercut on postage). I am now trying to sell off the huge amount of charms I have as a 750g listing! there will be hundreds of charms in this listing! and it will be available on Tophatter in about 2.5 hours - on standby so I need a bid or else it wont get through to get the bids!!!........a bargain!!

This is exactly what you will receive

Just a selection of the charms!

B&B Guest Book

Had a few guests in in the last week or so and I forgot to update the guestbook.

"We had a great time here. Thank you for your generosity, hospitality and warm welcome. Your caves are unique and wonderful. Cheers"
"I love this place, It's a good idea of a B&B in a cave. I can take to the road after a good night. Thanks and Good Luck"
"A very nice place to stay"
"Thnaks, comfortable, nice bar"

20 Aug 2012

Seaglass Festival

Wish there was something like this in Spain!

The 2012 North American sea Glass Festival is coming to Virginia Beach!
For those of you wishing to apply to be a vendor at the North American Sea Glass Festival here is the link where you can find the information. The application deadline is fast approaching!

18 Aug 2012

More Flower Bracelet Designs.....coming to Etsy soon!

I managed to grab some spare time at one of the medieval markets and made a few more designs. They will be available in my Etsy shop as soon as I can get them listed!

15 Aug 2012

Fiesta Veraneante - Marmolance Huescar

Every year in August in Huescar, the Fiesta of the Virgin de la Cabeza takes place. On the evening of the 14 August there is a large fiesta , with music and dancing, in the main square. The following morning at 7 o’clock a statue of the virgin is carried from Huescar to a church close to the San Clemente Lake in the sierra marmolance. All the people from the town follow the procession. The route is long and obviously very hot, but everybody from the town likes to make this journey. Once at the church there is a mass and then everyone eats out in the countryside.

13 Aug 2012

Galera Medieval Market

I wasnt really sure if I was going to try and get on Galera market this year or not. I havent done it before are visited it. I am so glad I did though as yesterday was probably the best market I have done in Spain so far. It was a lot better organised than the others (although Orce is well organised too). My space was there, a premade stall with lighting and shade, 2 tables and 2 chairs and my name already in the space (and numbered so that no other people can move your name so they get a better spot - which does tend to happen if you aren't one of the first there!). My stall frame just fitted inside the space perfectly.
Ramon came with me and he too really enjoyed the day/ we found €5 on the floor so that bought us a little snack in the evening.

The day started off slow with sales and we were doubtful that we would take much but by the end of the evening we were just so busy and things that I have been taking around with me for ages all seemed to sell!
In the end we nearly took as much as the Orce and Castillejar markets put together - will definitely do it again.

A big thank you to everyone that came along and said hello and supported us during the day/evening.

6 Aug 2012

Orce Medieval Market

Yesterday was the medieval market in Orce (my favourite). I had a really good spot and great people next to me. Ami came along and helped me set up (and we had a little disaster with the clothes rail that snapped!). I then spent the afternoon on my own and then Mum came along in the evening and helped me. It was really busy and SOOO many stalls (lots selling jewellery). With so much competition and very talented people I did really well so I am very happy. It has been a loooonnnngg weekend but I have enjoyed every minute......looking forward to Galera next week.

A big thank you to everyone that came along and said hello and supported the event. The entertainment was fabulous too - supplied by the Rapamont folk 

5 Aug 2012

Castillejar - Medieval Market

Yesterday was the medieval market in Castillejar - slightly better organised than last year and I got a better spot (not on the slant like last time!). First time I got to use my new stall cover (what do you think?).  My new flower bracelets all sold out! It was a long day/night on my own and packing away wasnt as fun as it took me ages without any help!!! but still it was a very good day and finally I have some pennies in my pocket again!

A big thank you to everyone that came along and said hello and supported the day/evening.......TODAY and I heading off to Orce for the medieval market there!