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12 Jul 2012

New Trampoline

A few weeks ago we bought a new trampoline on eBay - we were hoping it would arrive in time for some friends and their little boys being out here so we could have a pool, trampoline and computer games evening! (whilst us adults enjoyed the odd beverage!). Unfortunately it took a lifetime to get to us, many unanswered emails to the seller and then a tracking number that showed that they had tried to deliver and no one was in to sign for collection so it was returned to the seller (when we had all been in!). Anyway eventually the courier managed to get it to us and I signed for it yesterday.

I thought it would be a good idea to crack on putting it up early in the morning (although when you see the pic of the thermometre - it is far from cool at 11am!!!)

The temp at 11am!

Oh dear all the parts and I have to work it all out!

This is where it will be going

getting there

metal too hot - need gloves

blister already!

Ah finally the other half decides to help (after I do the hardest part!)

safety net

I am such a geek


Trampoline and pool what more do you need!

I jumped in fully clothed I was SO hot

The little monster loves it!

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