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13 Jul 2012

Happy With Tophatter

I am so glad I was pointed in the direction of Already I have made 73 sales and have a good 45 positive feedback. Yes there have been a few 'eeeek' moments when I have sold items for such ridiculous prices as no-one else bid and a couple of none payers and a couple of 'bad feedbacks.......which are now in the process of being resolved' AND I have been removed a few times for 1, breaching a listing rule (I didnt realise you couldn't use all CAPITALS in one word!!!) and 2. for listing under the wrong catergory (although I blame Tophatter for not guidelining exactly what was and what was not permitted......they have since corrected this) and 3 removed for something I can't even remember what now......but it annoyed me at the time.

Anyway I have now realised what sells best out of my items and what not to relist! and things are going really well.

So hanging on in there and 'growing' with them as Tophatter learns along the way too has been the best option for me......really happy with my sales on there........

Click here to find me on Tophatter (I only list as and when I am successful with the scheduling as I still dont like 'standby'!!!!)

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