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6 Jul 2012

Grass Fire In Castillejar Gets a Little Too Close!

Mum was ironing in the entrance to the cave, when she suddenly said 'can you smell smoke?' - just thinking it was a neighbour having a fire we never thought too much about it......until the evil balck smoke got worse and worse. I went out to investigate (as most of the village were having a siesta right at this time)......the fire was pretty bad, and noone had noticed. I called the firebrigade and eventually they turned came right from the campo - up to the top of the hill (thankfully there is a road between the fire and our cave!).

Mum was more bother she was going to lose the signal to the tele whilst Andy Murray was playing in the semi final!


This was the worst bit

heard a couple of bangs

these poles all burnt down

Mum and my sister checking out the firemen!

my friends cave

guardia civil turned up too

helicopter check

and ambulance

And of course spectators!!!

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