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22 Jul 2012

El Capricho Summer Fayre

 Today has been a long day but enjoyable. I think there have been a few lessons learnt (i.e. never host one of these days in the summer! the Pabellón was so hot it was like being in a greenhouse). Lots of people attended the dog show and I am sure lots of money has been raised for the doggies of El Capricho (Infact I think they were on course to raise about 2k!).

I wasnt as busy as I had hoped on my new stall but at least it has got me prepared and ready for this summers medieval markets!

My new stall

Funky lollies

Here is one of my handpainted t-shirts being signed by all the people that were there!

Ali turned up with Nana towards the end of the day so he could have a little bounce on the 'jumpy jumpy'

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