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1 Jun 2012

Introducing 'Lagrimas de Sirenas'

Lagrimas de Sirenas is translated to 'Mermaid's Tears'n which is another term for seaglass. This is the new shop my sister and I have opened on Etsy.  Here we will be selling all naturally sourced or cleverly made products. We collect the seaglass locally from our nearest beaches and we transform these pieces into beautiful pendants, craft supplies and combine with silver products to make stunning sterling silver jewelry. As well as seaglass we also collect surf tumbled shells, pebbles and pottery and also driftwood. Using pyrography and painting techniques the driftwood is turned into beautiful pieces.

We are also a supplier of faux seaglass - old glass products are transformed thanks to a homemade tumbling machine. These pieces are now available in our etsy store to use for your own craft projects, mosaics and other ideas.  More and more pieces will be added regularly........I am excited about eventually moving to the coast and spending every day beachcombing and making!

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