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2 Jun 2012

Epic Day Out

What a fabulous day we have had today. We had to set off at 8am to take Mum to the airport as she is going back to UK for a week. Realising we could spend the entire day at the beach (after dropping off Mum) we packed ourselves up, got the little monster out of bed early and set off to Almeria.

We like Almeria airport as it is one of our quickest to get to, before we knew it Mum had checked in and we were saying our goodbyes (or 'adios' from Ali as he cant say goodbye yet!).

The closest beach to the airport is 'costacabana'. After a coffee and tostada we set ourselves up on the beach for a day of swimming and beachcombing! (What a lovely beach!)

factor 50 and water wings! all ready for the day

playing with Tita

Ali spent hours running in and out of the waves

Costacabana beach

Costacabana beach

Of course there was time for a search for seaglass, however it was extremely disappointing on this beach so we decided to head off to our favourite place on the coast......yes Mojacar!

Ali looking for seaglass!

After about 45 minutes drive we arrived in Mojacar (I am still trying to work out exactly which place I would like to move to - I would love to move to Mojacar but Ramon isnt so keen as there are too many brits! - it would be good for us 'work wise' if we were there as Ramon is bi-lingual and my Spanish is sufficient enough to help with it is very 'crafty'......I would move there today if I could!......Ramon is still keen on San Juan de los Terreros but ther isnt the business oportunities there for day we will make a decision and go!!......Almeria is still an option!)

Mojacar - just beautiful

Making the shop sign for my internet shop!

AND THEN......

We decided to come home via the shopping centre in Aguilas so that we could stock up en-route! and when we got there there was a big car event going on........most of the cars looked like one we had seen in the Baja Andalucia race earlier in the year in Castillejar. Ali was so happy.....the the noise there was so loud with all the engines was a perfect end to such a fabulous day out.

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