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3 Jun 2012

Alicun de las Torres - Piscina Los Torreones

Also known as Balneario de Alicun de las Torres


BBQ area

This is one of my favourite places to go in the summer. It gets really busy but it is such a big complex that there is plenty of room for everyone.

You pay quite a bit for entry so it is best to go for the day.

Sun loungers are available for a small hire fee

There is a large pool with warm waterfall! and then a smaller childrens pool

You can have menu del dia in the restaurant there or tapas in the bar, you can take your own picnic or use one of the many bbq's there. If you don't fancy bringing all your own bbq meat then you can also buy so bbq  meat packs there.

Grassy area to sunbathe and a shadey area

Fantastic scenery (just looks like an oasis deposited in the middle of the Grand Canyon)

Waterfall into large pool

Thermal pool
Children's pool

Grassy area

Shadey area under trees

IT WILL BE OPENING ON 16th JUNE 2012 - Yippee!


Alicún de las Torres is a classic spa, located in a secluded spot in the midst of nature in a spectacularly beautiful, peaceful setting surrounded by megalithic remains. The latest renovations have given it a modern appearance, while its overall style is reminiscent of earlier cultures. The Reina Isabel Hotel is internally joined to the spa. During the summer, a complex of outdoor thermal pools is open.

Properties of the water
Sulphate-rich, Bicarbonated waters, Calcium-containing, Magnesium

Carretera de Gorafe s/n
Villanueva de las Torres (Granada)

Contact details

Tel.: +34 958694022
 +34 958694022

Fax.: +34 958694411

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