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12 May 2012

Tophatter - Little Guide

For the last couple of months I have been selling my items on Tophatter. Tophatter is an online auction for handmade crafts, jewelry, accessories, home decor, supplies, vintage and kids’ stuff (plus every now an then you will find an auction for themes such as Hello Kitty and Harry Potter).

Tophatter, is an exclusive invite-only live auction site. Tophatter is a bit like eBay, but has some unique twists that we think you'll like.
Each day, starting at 9am PT, Tophatter runs LIVE auctions packed full of remarkable items. The auctions are very fast, so if you come late, you'll miss out on the fun.

You can design your own avatar (this is how the auction room looks)

Once you have successfully got into a schedule and made a sale then Tophatter will take a 10% fee (at least $1.00) - this payment is only taken when the buyer has paid you.

As your sales and feedback increase then so does your reputation. At first you are only able to list one item at a time and a few days in advance......eventually this progresses (at the moment I am allowed to list 10 items, 4 days in advance and 2 items per lot). The more you use Tophatter the more you will understand this.......nb: In order to protect buyers against fraudulent sellers, new sellers can only schedule a single lot at a time until they sell 3 lots. After that, priority scheduling is granted to sellers who have sold at least 80% of their last 5 lots. With priority scheduling, sellers can schedule 15 lots at a time, and up to 3 in the same auction

Scheduling is pretty simple: you choose available dates and times from a drop down menu however due to the increase in popularity lately I have found that every time I try to schedule they have been full. They have now introduced 'standby' the idea is 1 hour before the auction begins you will be able to add your items to a standby list, during this hour people can view your item and make the preliminary bid - if you are successful and someone makes this bid then you are automatically added to the auction (NB.... be quick on the computer to get your item into standby as I have seen the auction fill up from standby and them shut the standby option within 5 minutes!...........if, during the auction, there seems to be plenty of time left then more allocated slots open up in standby and the above rule applies until all available slots are filled and then standby shuts again).

TIP: also at 8am PT 11am ET more slots are added to the schedules - a tip is to be ready at this time on the computer and try and schedule some of your items - I have found this the best way to get into scheduled slots.

Always use a low start bid to attract bidders (especially when in standby) - be prepared to take the risk that your item sells low.......more often than not it sells for a good price.

Take a good picture - there is one thumbnail picture that is then one that has to draw peoples' attention.

Offer international postage - there are so many items I personally would like to bid on and can't as there isnt an option for international buyers (yes I appreciate with the time difference that alot of us in Europe wont be watching the later auctions!!)

Tophatter doesn’t mention this, but you can write simple HTML to include <a href> links to make your product more interesting

Try and be in the chat - a great way to talk direct to your potential buyers and offer incentives (i.e. if bidding reaches a certain amount you will add matching earrings)

For those of you in standby there is a chat room etiquette that you will not promote your standby item in chat - however there is a great group on facebook where you can feel free to announce your standby items  click here!

Link up to your shop - say for example you have a shop on Etsy then one of the best things about Tophatter is that you can have your Etsy shop name next to your username. That way, when you are chatting or your item is up for auction, people know you are a credible seller and its free advertising for your Etsy shop. I have found that since using Tophatter my sales on Etsy have also gone up.

Behave on chat! - they will mute you if you don't behave!

Remember to leave feedback and notify of shipping (and request return feedback) - these help increase your reputation and therefore the amount of items you can list.

Some more interesting advice on the internet about Tophatter - click here

Help and info on Tophatter - click here

I hope these are a few tips that will make your selling more successful.

Happy Selling

P.S Tophatter is now 'invite only' so if you want to be added then pm ( me your email address and I will send you an invite (I am only able to invite 50 people).

So here is a little about me on Tophatter


What buyers are saying about Kate★

very nice charms
Great purchase, thanks
Very Fast Shipping! Thank you!
Received the items very quickly from Spain. These charms are very cute and will be used to make other jewelry.
Incredibly fast shipping! Adorable pieces! Thank you so much!!!!



Sold @ $30.00
20 pcs Photo Frame Pendants Mixed Sizes Silvertone Goldtone Kate★
Sold @ $20.00
20 pcs Mixed Shape Solid Cast Photo Frames (silvertone, goldtone) Kate★
Sold @ $18.00
5 Pcs SEAGLASS Pale Sea Glass From Mediterranean Coast Drilled Toggles Beads MERMAIDS TearsKate★
Sold @ $18.00
SILVER PENDANT MIX 5 x Pendants Sterling Silver with Glass Crystal codeSS9Kate★
Sold @ $14.00
10 x HAMSA Hand of FATIMA Silvertone charm for your craft projects Tibetan SilverKate★
Sold @ $14.00
DESTASH 20 x Miniature Glass Vials With Cork DIY Seaglass Message in BottleKate★

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