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2 May 2012

The Postman is Going To Hate Me Soon!!!

The last two days seem to have gone by in a haze of lack of sleep due to my little monster being poorly. It all started on Monday night when he was complaining of a sore throat and then in the night his temperature rocketed up and down (the down was thanks to 'Calpol' I have a lot to thank that medecine for!!).  As his temperature never went above 38.5 a quick dose of Calpol and a bath brought his temperature back down. Tuesday was a fiesta day here - and a fiesta day at home too as we never got out of our jimmy jams all day and just watched films and snuggled up on the sofa (well apart from when a friend and his son popped round! I must have looked a right state with my jogging bottoms, big fleece and bed hair! but I did explain we had had a rubbish night!). Alejandro perked up when he had someone to entertain! but by the afternoon it was back to 38.5.

Although last night we had a better night we still decided to go to the doctor and see if all was okay. And after a quick in and out Ali was prescribed with some antibiotics for his sore throat and ear infection. You wouldn't think he was poorly to look at him! Infact he has been so 'wired' that I needed 'Tita' (my sister) to look after him this afternoon so I could get on with last nights internet orders!

I find it exciting every morning when I turn on the computer to see what sales I had over night (they are mainly over night because they are from America and due to the time differences....I am off to bed when they are getting up!). Anyway this morning I sleepily turned on the internet and couldn't believe the amount of sales (thank you to everyone who purchase from me). I knew I was going to need some help!!!

BUT there is something so satisfying about wrapping up all my orders neatly into a pile of parcels ready to take to the postman (he is going to panik when he sees tomorrows load! - although I normally end up behind the counter to help him with stamps etc!!).

So after 2 hours of making and packaging.....I am caught up (thanks Tita for watching the monster for me!!!)

Todays orders! (and another state of America crossed off my list - sold to 30 states now!)

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