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4 May 2012

Free Heart Friday

Our Mission: To spread some love and make people smile.
And how exactly are we going to do that?

By making little felty smiley hearts and leaving them in the world where people can find them. On a Friday. But the Friday bit isn't so important. It just sounds nice!

Do you want to join in?

... Hearts don't have to be plush... you can paint, draw, cut and stick... or whatever you want to do. As long as there's a heart in there somewhere.
You can send them to us and we'll send them out with our drops... or you can do it yourself.
Our only rule is that this is not about self promotion, it's about giving.
All of our hearts are going out into the world anonymously.

 We will take pictures of all the hearts we put out, and if people want to connect with the artist, they will be able to do that here...

 If you're interested in joining in.. and definitely the more the merrier....
email us at

(p.s. we are totally inspired by Free Art Friday. Google it if you want to know more about that... or go and find My Dog Sighs....)
These ones are on the cliff top in Southbourne!

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