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27 Apr 2012

Wine Glass Charms

It seems when the sun is out I am more creative, when the weather is grey, dull, rainy, cold all I want to do is snuggle up on the settee, watch films and eat! Well thankfully it is sunny again (I might need to go on a diet too!).  It isnt only me that the sun 'wakes up' Mum has been all over spraying the weeds and doing a spot of gardening, Ramon has been helping Mark (our brother-in-law) construct my new little garage (that will eventually house all my market junk) and Ami has been staining the pool and getting it ready for the sunshine! So whilst all this has been going on around me I decided to sit outside and play with my pretty beads.

As my wine glass charms as one of my most popular items (see the album of all wine charms I make here) I decided to make a set of 'evil eye' wine glass charms.

For those of you who are not familiar with wine glass charms, they are designed to be clipped around the stem of your wine glass (each on slightly different) so that people can distinguish their glass from everyone elses.

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more items with these beads coming soon........

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