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13 Nov 2012

Unlikely Bonding

This is the second book in a trilogy,called the Art of Stupidity. It follows the antics of Brian Wilson and a bunch of characters who stagger from one calamity to another. It is based in a Comprehensive school in middle England ,but ends up on the high sea's. The following is a section in which the staff are expected to go on an outward bound course and Brian is having a few thoughts about a sexy fellow teacher.
" Like I say, if you need some personal coaching, I will only be too pleased to assist,” replied the Head of Physical Education.
“Bet you would,” muttered the science teacher under his breath, “anything to see Mary Telford doing press ups.”
“Blimey,” said Brian who overheard him, “I’d be happy to raise a sweat, in order to see that. If she is going on this thing, then so am I, she can be in my team any day. Just think of it, you and Mary Telford alone on your home made raft, drifting into the sunset, exhausted from following you through the obstacle course, she settles back in your arms…”
“Shut up,” said the science teacher.
“Why?” said Brian, “I was just getting going with the imagery.”
“Shut up because she has moved up behind you, that’s why,” grinned the science teacher, having a good idea what was coming next.
Brian smelt the fragrance of perfume and the slightest touch of female skin on his cheek as Mary leant close to his ear and with perfect pouting lips whispered. “Listen slime bucket, fifty says I can beat you at everything, you could never keep up with me darling, in any physical activity, know what I mean?” And with that she drifted away, not that Brian noticed, he was still revelling in the fact that a sexy woman had just whispered suggestively in his ear.
The first book THE ART OF STUPIDITY is available on Kindle and should be read first. Following on from this second book comes

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