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18 Apr 2012

Tophatter Success

Finally, after a poor start with Tophatter, and getting rather cheesed off with it, I am on a roll! Thanks to their new feature 'stand-by' I no longer have to wait the four days for my items to go into an auction (well actually it is 2 days now for me as I have had a few sales!). I find it really hard to schedule items anyway as the auctions as already full.

Using the 'stand-by' feature for the last 2 nights I have had 2 sales in a row! and planning to get on another one tonight. Let me tell you a little more about the 'stand-by' feature.....

(taken from the Tophatter blog)

The Standby list is a great alternative to scheduling. It’s an opportunity for any seller to list an item in Standby and possibly have it sold in a live auction. How does this work?
In order to move an item into the auction room, it must receive an opening bid. Please note that these bids are real.
The Standby list is available one hour before the auction begins and will last until all of the empty slots in the auction are filled. At that point in time, the Standby list will disappear. The items that receive an opening bid will be auctioned when the scenery moves outdoors.

If you aren't on Tophatter and want an invite to join then let me know as it is a great online auction community with quick sales............and I am really enjoying it!

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