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13 Apr 2012


One thing you notice living here or just driving around the area is the strange sparkling countryside. It is very unique to this part of Spain and was created eight million years ago in the Miocene period. The sea covered the area, reaching inland as far as the foothills of the Sierra de los Filabres, where today a strip of fossilised coral dunes delineates the former coastline. The deposited material consisted of sand and loam. A million years later the Sierra Alhamilla rose up, cutting off the area from the ocean and creating an inland sea, where further sand, loam, clay, limestone and gypsum were deposited. At the end of pliocene epoch the sea receded, leaving the seabed exposed to erosion. Now with the erosion the gypsum deposits are revealed.

(Gypsum in the Sorbas Basin, Andalucia source)

It is the deposits of gypsum that you can see glissening in the sun. It looks almost like diamonds sparkling all over. So what can you do with gypsum? well the main use is to turn it into 'yeso' and use it for various building needs! but one clever artist has taken it one step further and she makes fantastic pictures, jewellery and decorations with it.

cuadro selenita cuadro selenita  madera pintura tallado composición

See her creations here

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