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6 Apr 2012

Mercado de Artesania - Orce

Just had a phonecall from the Town Hall in Orce asking me if I would like to take part in a craft fair they are having there TOMORROW! eek! talk about no time to prepare or make anything!.

After spending the last 4 hours digging around I have actually got more stock than I thought - thank god I spent all day yesterday cleaning my silver jewellery as I will be able to take it all with me! Mum has been busy too and made 36 easter cupcakes for me to take.

Torre del Homenaje vista desde la Plaza de La Iglesia

I am informed the location is in the 'alcazaba de las 7 torres', in the main tower which is undercover (although I will take some shade with me......just in case! I know what the Spanish are like for changing plans at the last minute)

I wonder if many people know about the fair? They have left it late to invite people! I might print off a few leaflets and pop them up in the village!!!.....again...just in case!!!!

It should be a fun day/weekend.......I am going on my own and there is no vodafone coverage so I will be out of reach from 12pm - 7pm!......mummy break (although slightly worrying as the little monster is quite poorly.....but he has got Papa, Tita and Nana at home to keep an eye on him......and to be honest we need the money!

Oh......I am really excited!

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  1. It is amazing what you can pull together at the last minute!

  2. Yes you are right! - I suprised myself with the amount of stock I have just sitting in boxes! Had a really good weekend (although pretty windy and cold!)