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9 Apr 2012

Happy Easter Folks

Happy Easter everyone? Did you have a nice weekend? do anything nice? visit anywhere interesting?

(The entrance to the market)

I had a very busy weekend. On the Saturday I had to be in the 'alcazaba de las 7 Torres', Orce by 10am to set up my craft stall. The little monster was still poorly so we made the decision for Ramón to stay at home with him rather than come with me and leave little monster with my Mother-in-law. So when I arrived at the craft fair and saw I was going to have to walk up 2 flights of stairs with all my things I was certainly missing having someone come along with me.

(My stall is the second one up on the left)

I thought we were going to be indoors so when I realised I was going to be setting up outdoors I was slightly concerned I hadn't packed my sunshade, although this was not going to be needed during the day as the weather turned bitterly cold with a high wind (great for the spot they put me in.........right next to the edge of the wall, open to all the elements, and also sheltering everyone else from the wind! I was really mardy setting up as everything was blowing about (I didnt bother to unpack half of the things I had brought). I kind of had a niggling feeling that I had been put in the worst place...was this maybe because I was the only English one there? (was I being paranoid?). Anyway it might have been the worst place, and many people told me I was in the worst place (YES I KNOW.....I didnt choose this spot!) but I did really well....and most of the other people there didn't seem to be as busy.

(My stall)

I hadn't really dressed appropriately for blustery wind and bitter cold, infact I only had a t-shirt and cardigan on and you could safely say I was FREEZING. I was grateful when a friend turned up and she had a spare coat in her car which she gave me - without that I don't know how I would have coped.
(Fun place for a photo!)

Mum made a load of Easter themed cupcakes for me to take and sell and I almost sold out of them and other bits and bobs of my own things but the biggest seller on Saturday was earrings. After talking to one of the stall holders who hasd decided he wasn't going to bother returning on Sunday, I wasnt sure what to do but well all my stuff was already there so might as well give it a go. most people thought it wouldn't be busy as most Spanish holidaymakers would be driving back.....oh they were wrong!
(Griffon vulture flying over us - there must have been about 20 in total!)

Sunday I went on my own again (armed with hat, gloves and very warm coat). Today the weather was totally different, no wind and hot sun!......again I was dressed unappropriately! I should have taken a t-shirt this time! oh well....will I ever learn?! Not expecting it to be very busy today, I slowly set up and put out a few more items that I didn't manage to display on Sunday due to the wind. After easter Sunday mass in the local church everything went chaotic! My 'name bracelets' were so popular I was having to make people wait up to 30 minutes! in the end I ran out of stock and had to stop taking orders. I was trying to make the bracelets, serve, bag sales, give change etc.....all whilst impatient people were waiting for me to make their bracelets! phew! I was busy for 2 hours solid without being able to even look up!.....can't complain though (although I now know where I am going to spend more investing in! ready for the next markets).

(One style of my name bracelets)

So about 6pm a very tired (and slightly sunburnt) me packed up. I was home at 7pm (I hated carrying everything down the 2 flights of stairs as much as I did carrying it up on the Saturday morning!!). I had earnt a nice amount of money and today we were able to go out food shopping without having to add it all up as we were going along! The freezer, fridge and cupboards are full and we can eat again for a good couple of weeks!

ORCE (source)

The Andalusian village of Orce may be small, but is nevertheless of remarkable importance in the search of the first traces mankind in Iberia, with archaeological digs uncovering proof of settlers there from millions of years ago. In the far north of the Granada Province and bordering onto the Province of Almeria, the village of Orce is a also true discovery for anyone in search of real Andalusia. It is 926 meters above sea level and has a population of just over 1,400. At just 150 kilometres from the City of Granada, it is easily accessible by road. Orce is one of the six main villages of the region of Huescar (pronounced 'Wescar'). This whole area, together with the neighbouring region of Baza is known as the Altiplano de Granada.

The people in the main village of Orce and in the three nearby hamlets of Fuente Nueva, Venta Micena and Pozo de la Rueda enjoy a simple rural life. The prehistoric relics include the much discussed and significant historical remains of a skull, which has become known as "El Hombre de Orce" (Orce Man). There are also fascinating and significant remains of an ancient city from the Bronze Age.
The natural surroundings are as breathtaking as the historic heritage is evident. As is the way with the southern Spanish, traditions and local cooking are taken seriously and the combination of all this elements, promises that a visit to Orce will be a real delight to the senses.
Like the other villages in Huescar, the dramatic contrasts between lush pastoral landscape and dry flatlands is one of the main attractions and something which very much sets it apart from other parts of Andalusia.

ALCAZABA DE LAS 7 TORRES (I photographed this on the way in!)

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