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9 Nov 2012

From Spain with Love - Annie Sibonney

I really enjoy watching the food channel on the tv (no262) and it is even better at the weekend when I can watch 'from Spain with love'. Tonight Annie was in Granada.


An intimate food adventure series, From Spain With Love immerses viewers in the rich and diverse culinary culture of Spain, as seen through the eyes of passionate gastro nomad and host Annie Sibonney.

Host: Annie Sibonney

A passionate gastronomad and expert on Spanish regional and haute cuisine, Sibonney has spent the past five years eating her way through Spain in search of the most memorable meals and ethereal culinary pleasures. Along the way, she has forged relationships and friendships with world-renowned chefs, local characters, food critics, historians, wine makers and artisans, all rooted in a shared love for celebrating life through memorable food, wine, travel, friends and experiences. Born to French-Moroccan parents and based out of culturally rich Toronto, Sibonney has traveled the globe in pursuit of culinary adventure. Her mastery of five languages, including Spanish, has allowed her to fully explore some of the richest gastronomic centers of the world including Morocco, France, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Peru and Mexico.

While completing degrees in Hispanic Studies and Spanish-English Translation, she opened Flavours, a boutique catering company that specialized in creating dishes inspired from her journeys and experiences abroad, using ingredients and flavor profiles significant to a particular country or culture and doused with innovative and creative flourishes.

Annie launched Relish Culinary Tours in 2007, which designs exclusive, fully arranged, escorted gastronomic excursions to Spain and Italy for private groups and individuals as hungry for adventure as she is.
Follow Annie on Twitter: @AnnieSibonney  (source)

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