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29 Apr 2012

CN22 - Customs Declaration Form


Customs authorities around the world are cracking down on mail arriving in their country without the required customs declarations correctly completed. If you’re posting packets or parcels outside the EU and don’t complete the CN22 or CN23 correctly they may delay or return the item to you.
When you need to make a declaration
When sending any packets or parcels outside of the EU, you need to make sure that it is presented correctly for customs inspection. If you don’t, it’s quite likely the item will be returned to you by the destination country’s customs service.
  • Any item with contents up to the value of £270 must have a current CN22 declaration attached to the front
  • The current CN22 declaration forms are white. The green version of this form expired in 2003 and should no longer be used
  • You need to sign and date the CN22
  • Any item sent with a value in excess of £270 must have a fully completed CN23 declaration. This should be attached using the plastic wallet available from any Post Office™ branch.
  • Please add your name and address to the top left hand corner of your package. This will enable us to return your package should overseas customs authorities refuse it entry into their country.


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