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29 Apr 2012

CN22 - Customs Declaration Form

I have been selling items on the internet for many years now and in the last 4 years I would say 90% of my sales go over to the United States.  Being aware of different customs and excise rules and regulations, I DID know that you have to have a CN22 sticker on any parcels going out of the EU.

Image of Customs declaration formI remember asking in our local post office for this particular form ¿que? was the response! So I showed him the sticker and he said he would get me some from the main PO in the town........which he never did. So the next time I had a parcel that needed to go to USA I went into the town myself to post the parcel from there.  I filled in the form for 'signed for' service and then gave the parcel to the girl behind the desk.......when I asked her about the CN22 form all I got was a ¿que? again! 'oh no you don't need anymore stickers for this parcel' was the response (in Spanish) and off my parcel went......luckily it arrived safely with the recipient.

Slightly concerned (and aware) that I should have a CN22 form I researched on the internet until I found a downloadable form to use. So now I have the form saved in my computer and for the last 4 years I have used that and no longer ask at the PO for this form (that they obviously have never heard of).

It was just 2 weeks ago I was in the main town and I had a stack of parcels and letters to post to USA. I gave the lady the letters first and she saw they were for America so she scrabbled about in her drawer and produced some photocopies of the CN22 saying that I need to fill them in. I never put a form on a letter so I asked her if the letters needed the form 'oh yes! anything going to the US needs a form'(although not so long ago they hadnt even heard or didnt know about the form!).....'well i have the forms already on the parcels' (showing her my forms) and she immediately grabbed the parcel and analysed my form ' oh that is a good form! (better quality than hers)...where did you get it from??' she asked! so I told her I had printed them off the internet myself..........IS IT ME....or shouldn't the PO have these anyway? why does she need to photo copy them off the internet? very bizarre.....I will never understand the systems here.

My own post office opens for only 1 hour a day....he turns up 15 mins late and always shuts on time. He delivers the post when he can be bothered and often when you post a parcel there on a Friday, it is still on his desk on the Monday as he hasnt been to the main town yet to drop it off! (he closes on a Sat/Sun!!!)........oh well welcome to Spain!!!


Customs authorities around the world are cracking down on mail arriving in their country without the required customs declarations correctly completed. If you’re posting packets or parcels outside the EU and don’t complete the CN22 or CN23 correctly they may delay or return the item to you.
When you need to make a declaration
When sending any packets or parcels outside of the EU, you need to make sure that it is presented correctly for customs inspection. If you don’t, it’s quite likely the item will be returned to you by the destination country’s customs service.
  • Any item with contents up to the value of £270 must have a current CN22 declaration attached to the front
  • The current CN22 declaration forms are white. The green version of this form expired in 2003 and should no longer be used
  • You need to sign and date the CN22
  • Any item sent with a value in excess of £270 must have a fully completed CN23 declaration. This should be attached using the plastic wallet available from any Post Office™ branch.
  • Please add your name and address to the top left hand corner of your package. This will enable us to return your package should overseas customs authorities refuse it entry into their country.
What to do next


  1. Hello... I know this is an old post, but I could not resist commenting! My post office (in this small town in India) is strange about the forms, too. Some employees there insist upon having forms, while others say they are not needed (happened just two days ago, and now I am worried the parcel will never reach its destination). Just yesterday, I printed my own form!

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