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17 Apr 2012

Changing Designs for 2012

Over the years I have been changing my designs mainly because I believe people get bored of seeing the same things over and over again but also because 2 minutes after I start something I seem to have people copy me and find it hard to compete with the competition (alot of the problems being the 'copiers' are in Uk and can undercut me with postage prices to the Uk market).

(Baby shower favours)

It doesn't bother me too much (well it does some times!) but I guess it keeps me on my toes.  I used to be one of the only sellers of 'wine glass charms' on eBay but now when you have a look on there there are pages and pages of sellers - infact I don't even bother to sell on there now!

(gifts for the bride and groom)

I love making the wine charms and have supplied many businesses with them for their corporate gifts, many shops with them for resales, many brides with them for their wedding favours and many individuals them for their own use or gifts.

(a supply of wine glass charms with an animal theme heading off to a Pet shop in UK)

Now I am trying to take them into 2012 with a different style, not sure where I am going yet but I think it is going down the hippie, peace, protection route.....where the majority of my 2012 designs seem to be going. My BIG stall for the Orce craft market will be showcasing my hippie upcycled clothes and accessories and alongside that will be my 'evil eye' products and jewellery and 'karma cords' etc.

(even popular with the Spanish)

I have taken a photo of the latest delivery of beads that are my latest inspiration!

(new inspiration - really looking forward to working with these)

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