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3 Apr 2012

Ceramics Class - Olive Dish

I must have mentioned on here before, that in November 2011, I joined a local ceramics and painting class. The main reason being I wanted to learn how to make ceramic pieces (tiles, vases etc) the other reason was to help me improve my Spanish (it is a Spanish run class in the Town Hall so I presumed there would be plenty of Spanish people to practise on!). I was right with the main reason I am learning all the techniques used in ceramic making. As for the Spanish conversation.....yes my teacher is Spanish so I get to talk to him but the students as English, French and German.

I look forward to my Tuesday afternoons - they are a little break and 'time-out' for myself! plus I get excited hoping that some of my little projects will be fired and ready to bring home.

This afternoon I was unable to attend as I was in waiting for some guests to arrive that are staying a few nights in our B&B. Luckily they arrive quite early in the evening so I nipped in just to say hello and two of my projects were finished. I am extremely happy with both of them. I have a little bit of work to do on one at home as I am attaching some beading detail to it but here is my finished olive dish! (photos of the other one to follow soon)

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