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30 Apr 2012

Brrr it's cold

Only the other day we were all busy in the garden as it was sunny and the sun was fueling our enthusiasm but today we are back to grey, cold and miserable. Luckily on days like these I can sit inside on the computer without a feeling I am missing out on the sunshine (which i have promised myself I won't be doing this year - last year I never got a tan!).

Anyway here is some of the progress so far....

(The car port, through the gate is the lock up where all my market junk will be stored. I've also had a little measure up and it looks like I might be able to hang a hammock from the wall to the beam!!!)

(a view of the lock up from the gate)

(the roof tiles are ready to go on)

(Ami is staining the wood on the pool)

(a new liner has been put in this year as the other one split last year)

(all the top edges of the pool still have to go back on - then we can fill it again!)

Mum has been busy with all the weeding and potting to come soon.....

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