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19 Mar 2012 - Amethyst and Silver Bracelet

WOW what a fabulous new online auction site. It has only been up and running for 3 months now but already seeing one of the largest growths of an online selling community in such a short space of time.  You register your 'lot' for inclusion in an auction and then you are given your slot. The screen shows numerous little 'avatars' of the eager buyers (your own avatar is highlighted as well as the highest bidder). There is a little aution master at the front of the crowd and the auction begins. It is quick and fast and there is a online chat for anyone wishing to ask questions about the current item for sale. You have to be fast as the counter is ticking and as soon as time is up then that is it!......your item is sold (hopefully) and hopefully you have made a nice little income.

I registered my first lot today (I have spent the last week, watching and observing, testing the water so to speak).  Anyway my first 'lot' is going up for auction on March 23rd 10am PT (which is 6pm Spain time). I am really excited - will let you know how it goes!!!

The starting bid is $9.00 so there is chance that someone is going to bag themselves a bargain as it is a 3rd of the RRP!!!

More details of further lots will be on here and announced on facebook and twitter.......don't miss out on a bargain! click here to follow this auction

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