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24 Mar 2012

TopHatter FLOP!

Yesterday I took part in my first Tophatter auction. I was really excited and hoping I would get a bidding war going on but unfortunately I was totally deflated as it didn't even get a bid. There was some encouraging comments but unfortunately no bids. It is quite difficult to decide when to put my items in the auctions as I need to be online at the same time to answer questions etc!

This particular auction was 10am PT (6pm Spanish time!). When maybe this time was ideal for me.....was it ideal for an audience in America? won't most of them be at work and unable to bid? So now I am left with a dilema of what time to schedule my next 'lot' for! I haven't been put off by the fact my item didn't sell - it is early days for me and the site is new too.

I have just decided to have a go at the 'early bird auction' today - well it starts in 33mins!

Click here

It isn't one of my expensive pieces and I have started it at $1 in the hope it will sell because until I sell and increase my ratings on the site I can only list one item at a time (and it will be much better for me if I can have 4 or 5 items on at a time.)

I will keep notifying my blog readers, facebookers and tweeters when I have an item in the auction so you all know!

I won't, however, be getting as excited as I was last night! (Mum, Dad, hubby and me we all eagerly watching the computer waiting for my item........and after a 1 hour wait for my item's turn! was all over in 2 bids and a total anit climax!!!) can only get better hey!!!

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  1. Hoorah! my first item sold - going to try and get in the auction today (if I can get a slot in time!)