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24 Mar 2012

No family day this weekend either!

No family day out again this weekend as my sister has the car today to take my Dad to the airport (he is going back to work in Uk - back here again at the end of June) and Tomorrow we are full with Sunday lunch bookings so no chance of picnic lunch anywhere.

We decided to take little monster with us on the food shop on Friday instead. Unfortunately he fell asleep in the car, just before we got to town, so he was the grumpiest little monster whilst we were in the supermarket!

We definitely decided we needed a drink before coming home! (food shopping is hard work!!! haha! but with a grumpy little monster it is even more hard work!).

So we stopped off in our favourite bar in Huescar (El Pedreño). We don't even have to tell him what we want anymore.......a beer and G&T almost on the counter before we even sit down (and it is a Bombay saphire gin too!)

It is our favourite bar as we always get tapas no matter what time of the day it is!!!

Bombay Saphire G&T with FREE tapas!

Ali and I had a walk down to the village market this morning to clear away the cobwebs (although it looked like rain so we didn't stay long)

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