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10 Mar 2012

Feria de productos y servicios del Altiplano

When: 9th, 10th and 11th March
Where: Pabellion de ferias, Baza
Price: 1€ entrance fee

An event showcasing all the products and services of Baza and the Altiplano.

We went today to have a look and see what free tasters we might be able to try! It was really popular - a bit like 'The Lincolnshire show' from back in UK but on a smaller scale!. There were various stands from the local shops but the best place to be was in the food and drink section! lots of yummy tasters of serrano ham, cheese, chorizo. And lots available to buy (although we bought 3 doughnuts for Ali and they cost us €3!). Beer was €2.00 and you could buy plates of meats, montaditos, cakes, bread and more. There was even a kids play room where they were painting, playing, making things and blowing up balloons (Ali had to run in and get a balloon!)

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