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26 Mar 2012

El Camino de Don Harris

Written by Don Harris who is the founder of La Tienda online Spanish goodies to Europe and USA.  I have been reading and following this blog for years now. We are now in touch and he is currently considering a stay at Cueva Pedro for his trip over to Spain this year.

Your choice of Olives

Here is a little about him

I first experienced Spain when I stepped ashore as a young US Navy chaplain in 1965. Eight years later, My and wife Ruth and I raised our young family among the sherry bodegas of El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) while I was stationed at the Base Naval de Rota. As we enjoyed life with our three sons in a Spanish neighborhood, we grew to appreciate the personal dimension of Spanish life where children are cherished, and family ties are central. Although we have lived in many places since that time, we always found a common bond in our love of Spanish culture. Over the past forty-plus years, my family and I have covered just about every nook and cranny of Spain and met lots of people, enjoying many a meal with newly made Spanish friends. Now that our sons are grown and we are back home in Williamsburg, Virginia, we have carried that appreciation into the formation of, a family business started in 1996. Our goal is to share with our neighbors a taste of Spain – as well as her grace, warmth and traditions, which have brought so much to our lives as a family. We travel to Spain frequently, renewing friendships with those who provide us with their fine products, as well as finding new and interesting artisanal items. This blog is an extension of that mission, as I discuss some of the wonderful people, tastes and traditions that make Spain such a fascinating and appealing culture.
You can read a more in-depth post about my love affair with Spain here.

Fish Market

I pop all his blog postings on my own website so everyone can follow him - click here

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