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26 Mar 2012

Easter Cards Available Now

(my Spanish style Easter card! - showing the traditional costume worn during the Easter parades!)

Just to remind you all, with Easter coming up, of my offer for all greetings cards.......handmade, including a personalised insert and posted direct to the recipient for only

Spain: €2.25
Europe: €3.00
International: €3.50
(I had to alter the prices slightly as I got charged more at the post office that I was expecting - I had budgeted for 70 cents and it was €1.35 to post to then the postman didn't have any €1.35 stamps so charged me the closest he had which was €1.44......he would never get away with that in UK!!! and then with the paypal charge....sheesh!)

Alternatively if you live in the area my cards are for sale in the Tobac and Ferreteria in Castilléjar for €1.50

and I can always be contacted on to make you a handmade card for any specific occasion.

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