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12 Mar 2012

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Well after watching another advert for greetings cards posted direct to the recipient it got me thinking that maybe I should be offering this service too!

I was approached by a friend yesterday who wanted me to save her the hassle of having to source an appropriate card for Mother's day and she wondered if I would personalise the insert with her poem and send direct to her mum. Of course I said 'yes' and then realised there could be a little business opportunity out here offering this service to all us 'ex-pats' that send cards back home (well anywhere really!).  Not only are my cards handmade with love and care they are also personalised inside with any message or verse you want.

(I sat outside in the sun and made these Mother's day cards - all ready to be shipped to their new homes)

I make and sell cards for every occasion and I have 2 Spanish shops in the village selling them for me.

All my cards are one standard price (including personalising, postage and packaging)

Spain: €2.25
Europe: €3.00
International: €3.50

I accept paypal and my email address to send payment to is If you give me an idea of a design theme, message to put inside and the address to send the card to, along with your payment (and the date it needs to be there by - please allow time for making/delivery) then I aim to dispatch within 48 hours.

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