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19 Mar 2012

Busy Week Ahead

My head is bursting with craft ideas and projects to start this week. I am totally inspired by my new collection of beads - what am I going to do with these???

I feel these will be used in many sewing projects, my ceramics and jewellery making - I am so excited to get out in the sun and be creative.

Friday last week, I had my first sewing lesson and I am now the proud owner of a Singer sewing machine (and I actually know how to use it!!!). The material and cottons are already calling. Maybe my first project is going to be covering my market stall - I want to make it look perfect for the medieval markets so maybe a medieval look but with a Dengra Designs twist!

Now I have my sewing machine, a fabulous selection of fabrics, embroidery skills and fabric paints I am ready to start the upcycling of a mountain of jeans, tee's, baby grows and shoes that I have been collecting for such projects.

This is one of the fat quarters I have brought from Dena Designs

Tomorrow is my ceramics class. I am in the middle of making a serviette holder in the shape of a peacock! which has just reminded me I better print out a picture of a peacock so I can get the paint colouring right!

Weds I am collecting a mountain of pie tins ready for next weeks mamoth bake! (the 'baking co-operative' has really taken off)

Thurs I have the morning to myself to indulge in any crafts I want. I am hoping the day might be sunny as I want to get up onto the roof terrace and plan my mosaic picture I am starting up there. There is a large wall there that needs something on it. Last year Mum painted a vase of flowers on it but it has won off now due to the weather. As I am making it for Mum and I have decided I want it to be in a theme she would like - so I have chosen 'Greece' and I am hoping to recreate a view of the sea from out of a window (on a Greek island somewhere!). This is going to be a BIG project to get my teeth into.

Friday morning is my first crochet lesson! I am really excited about this! I have picked up some gorgeous rainbow wool and looking forward to being a 'newbie hooker'

What a busy week!........bring it on

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