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22 Mar 2012

The Baking Co-operative - About Us

At the beginning of the year a friend and I were having a coffee and moaning about lack of work in the area and how we are just about 'hanging on in there' when it comes to money and bills. My other half has been without work for the last three years so we rely a lot on my parents to 'bail us out' when things get tough (which at 36 I really shouldn't be doing!). 5 years ago, life was so different, there was plenty of work for builders (my other half) and I was really busy with internet sales. We had enough money to enjoy life rather than just 'exsiting'. But I always think that when things are low that the only way forward is to think of new ideas and ventures (and it is under this kind of pressure that I am at my best and most creative!)

Between us we were trying to think of ways we could make more money. Then the idea of 'The baking co-operative' was born.  My sister had already been making pies and pasties and other foods to order and doing quite well (with a couple of outside catering orders too). However my sister had also taken on a number of cleaning jobs to earn some pennies and was beginning to push the baking to the back of her 'to do' list. It was during that night I was thinking about combining all of our talents and making a list of what we all could make and sell.


So 'The baking co-operative' consists of myself and my friend (Kirsten), my Mum, my sister and Kirssten's Mum.

We are now into issue 4 of the fortnightly baking list. We have almost 70 people on a mailing list and are doing really well with orders. Every fortnight we try to introduce new items a lot of these are requests from customers.

If you live locally and would like to be on our mailing list then please email me at We email the list out fortnightly and what makes us unique is we will deliver orders to your village. Currently we are delivering to Orce, Galera, El Margen, La Alqueria, Huescar, Castril, Fuente Vera, Cortijo del Cura, Castillejar, Los Olivos, Los Carriones, Puente Arriba, Freila, Bacor, Benamaurel and Baza (if we don't deliver to your village yet then just tell us where you are and we might be able to fit you in!)

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