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21 Feb 2012

A weekend to clear away the cobwebs

With the weather getting a lot warmer (although the nights are still cold) we decided a weekend away on the coast was in order to get some sea air and blow some of the cobwebs away.

It is always easier for us to stay with family so we stayed with Ramon's brother and his wife in Puerto Lumbreras (not too far from the coast).

A windy Sunday morning stroll along the beach was just perfect.

Obviously this also meant we had to stop at every children's play area along the length of the beach so that both little child and big child could play!

As most of you who know me, know how obsessed I am with beachcombing, I had to have a little look! Quite disappointing there for finding any sea gems! I didnt find anything. We are planning to move to the coast within the next 3 years so I hope that we can find a better beach so I can go and have a poke around (I need to start to teach Alejandro that finding seaglass and pottery is exciting!!!)

Alejandro enjoyed his first bounce in a bouncy castle (I would have joined him if there hadn't been a load of people all stood patiently waiting for their children to finish bouncing) 

And I made the most of a few minutes of being 'Alejandro free' and enjoyed a rather large gin and tonic!

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