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24 Jan 2012

Attic 24 - A truly inspirational blog

I was so pleased that a friend directed me to this blog - for anyone wanting to start crocheting (and anyone who already can that might want some inspiration) then please look at this blog


I am quite jealous now - this woman seems to have the perfect life, perfect house, perfect eye for crafting, she bakes, she gardens, she's a mum of 3!, she decorates the house etc etc etc.....and I bet she is never once stressed. Here I am with just one child, my Mum helps me with the washing and ironing, I never feel I have enough hours in the day to get things done, I always have dust, my place always looks like a bomb has hit it - even if I just cleaned 30 mins before! and I never seem to get any craft projects done on time!.....and I often seem stressed! How do people do it?


I am totally inspired by this lady - I am looking at every day items in a new way (how can I decorate them etc?!!!)..........possibly 2012 there might be a new me!!!!


Well done Attic 24 for your truly amazing crocheting blog

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