Living in Spain and bringing up a Spanglish family during the current 'crisis' and trying various ways to make some 'dinero'. Enjoying life in the sun, crafting and blogging as much as possible.

3 Feb 2011

Why blog?

Well I have been blogging since 2004, when I moved over to Spain and wanted to keep UK family and friends up to date with all our adventures. Initially the blog was about the cave we bought. As it was a part re-form cave I blogged the progress of all the work. Still 7 years on we are still working on the cave, however it is mainly maintenance (and the odd new project that we come up with!).

We opened as a B&B in 2005

As the area is still 'undiscovered' by tourism, and with the current economic 'crisis' it is a lot harder to get bookings in the B&B.  We now offer a fabulous bargain price of €30 per person per night for half board stay. That includes a 3 course evening meal and a beautiful continental breakfast in the morning.

That offer will remain throughout 2011/2012!

After the building work was finished I spent a lot of time working on the internet - building websites for myself, for other people.......infact spending far too much time indoors (where is my tan?!)

In November 2009 everything changed.......I had time is all consumed by him! where does the days go??? time go? months go?..........he is going to be 2 next month! Although in September my prayers were answered and he started nursery 9am - 1.30pm Monday to I now have precious 'me time'!!!.......this time is just fantastic, I can sit outside in the sun and make the crafts and projects I have been wanting to get my teeth into for so long! So now there will be a turnaround! more time crafting, making, getting some sun, and then possibly time to pop the pics and blurb on the blog!

So here it is!.......thank you for joining me........I hope you find some of the blog useful, interesting, funny, worth reading.......if you do......please pass my url on to others!!!!

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