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28 Aug 2011

An unexpected trip to Alicante

Well we werent planning anymore beach holidays this year but as I had to drive to Alicante airport to pick my Dad up (which is a 5 hour round trip) we decided to book a hotel for the day before.  I thought I had managed to find a hotel really close to the airport, really close to the beach and it would be perfect!
Hmmm not the case! It took us nearly 3.5 hours to get from home to the hotel! by then we were really hot, really grumpy and really not in the mood to go and find the beach. However when you have a small child with you and they want entertaining then you have to do what you have to do!

I thought he might be happy just playing around the hotel pool - but it was soooooo quiet around the pool, everyone was either reading or enjoying the sun........and then along came Ali!......I could feel the glares from everyone as I interupted their peace and quiet!.......we didnt stay round the pool long!

Ramon decided he was having a siesta so it was up to me to keep the monster happy! An ice-cream didnt chill him out for long so off we went in search of the beach
Ali didnt want to be pushed - he wanted to push! GREAT! one way to tire him out! but as you can see there wasnt any beach!.......we walked for ages until we finally came along a bit of beach.......and a kiddies play finally the little man was happy!

We wouldn't recommend the hotel to anyone with small children. They knew we had a small child when we booked but still we were put on the highest level, with stairs! and the balcony was definitely not child friendly! we ended up pushing the bed up to the balcony window and shutting the curtains so that Ali didnt realise he could get onto it! Plus we couldn't lock the main door so Ali could have just wandered out (to the stairs and another dodgy balcony!). Oh well it was cheap and we only needed it for the night
The Hotel - El Mio Cid, Alicante

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