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29 Sep 2011

Esparto grass - a sustainable tradition

Esparto grass grows on the mountain slopes around Andalucia. It was once the main source of income for many families. The men used to harvest the grass and the women would weave it however nowadays it only seems to be local men that I ever see working with it (unless their wives are at home weaving it too!). My father in law was very skilled in the art of esparto grass weaving and many years ago, when they didnt have a lot of money, he even made shoes for the family out of the grass.

(this photo was taken outside my cave, quite a few years before I moved here. His baskets on the donkey are made from esparto grass)

Nowadays you can still find baskets, rope, mats, bottle holders and novelty shoes on our local markets and every family has something made from esparto grass that they use on a regular basis. Just walking round the village this month I have noticed that all the older generation are putting large flat baskets out in the sunshine - on closer inspection they all contain tomatoes that will dry out in the sun and will be bottled to last throughout the winter.
There is a fear that this sustainable tradition will eventually die out as it competes against more cost effective methods and newer, more exciting ways to earn money. In my village the harvesting is still a big part of income for many locals and we even have facilities for treating the grass before it is used in the weaving. I hate to think this tradition will die out and hope that the older generations will pass on their knowledge to the younger generations.
In Igualeja (in the Province of Malaga) a woman’s cooperative has been formed to keep this tradition alive. After studying basket weaving for a year, a group of women launched the cooperative, backed by the Town Hall, and now have a museum where they sell the pieces they make.

There is a good website that sell a range of esparto grass products:
Click here

21 Sep 2011

Back in a Treasury

It has been a while since one of my items was included in a treasury but this week I was included in this one: click here

18 Sep 2011

All grown up!

Oh no! what has happened???  my little man has grown up!!!! Today was his first day at nursery! - I can't believe he isnt a baby anymore!!!

3 Sep 2011

What ANOTHER trip to the beach!!!


Well as my Dad is over here at the moment we thought it would be nice to take him over to Aguilas for a picnic. Aguilas is where we would like to move to - eventually! It is very much a Spanish costal resort (not so 'Britville') and still a lovely, pretty area. We still have lots more areas to explore before we finally decide where we want to settle but Aguilas is high on the list right now.

So we packed up a lovely picnic and went to Aguilas for the day. I got to have a lovely swim too - but not beachcombing finds again! - I need to find a good beach soon!!!

Nanna and Grandad

Me and the little monster having a swim